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Characteristics MOGADOR   1994
Type of wine:   reserve
Origin of grapes:   estate only CLOS MOGADOR
Distribution:   International and national (Europe, E.U., China, Japan, Australia…)
Appellation:   DOCa. Priorat
Ethanol:   15 %
Tartaric acidity:   6,2 g/l
Volatile acidity:   0,55 g/l
Total sulphur dioxide:   80 mg/l
Total free sulphur dioxide:   17 mg/l
Reducing suegras:   1,9 g/l
Type of botlle:   bordeaux
Peter Falkenstein MOGADOR   1994

Wine journalist for D&M, Stern, Essen & Trinken and Handelsblatt as well as author of specialist books and radio broadcaster on wine.

Tasting Notes on 1994 Clos Mogador
I must taste around a few thousand wines every year. Most of them I cannot enjoy. I merely sip them and spit them out again. I still wish to live a while longer. But when I came to taste Clos Mogador 1994, I must confess that I drank it! I kept the whole bottle to myself. I enjoyed it whilst listening to J.S.Bach’s “Wohltemperiertes Klavier” piano music, played by Glenn Gould which had been given to me that year as a Christmas present. Both tended to increase my enjoyment immensely.

As for the wine: the first sip was like a thousand little explosions in my mouth. The concentrated fruity aromas of blackcurrant and cherry were so strong that my tongue almost hurt. Yet with a little air, this powerful wine became softer and rounder. Seductive tones of sandalwood, vanilla and almonds are very well blended. They are a good indication that the winery manager has used very elegant French oak barrels. The last glass tasted the best. Each sip brought with it even better, even tastier surprises. This wine has got “Spiel” as we say in Germany.

I was saddened to see the empty bottle. I slept well that night and had an unusually very clear head the next day. What more could I ask? I have tasted three Clos Mogador vintages and the 1994 in my opinion is the best of the three.