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Characteristics COMTU   2020
Winery:   Cooperativa de la Figuera
Type of wine:   Vintage in an oak cask.
Origin of grapes:   35 to 50 years old vineyards and centennial in La Figuera
Average production:   10.800 bottles
Distribution:   International and national
Apellation:   Montsant D.O.
Grapes:   Single-variety 100% Grenache
Size of vineyard:   3 Hectares
Area:   Mountain area 580/600m. above sea level
Ageing:   Only native yeasts. 40% whole grape. 1 year in old 4,500 l. foudre, then 8 months in cement. Bottled in April 2022.
Ethanol:   14,5 %
Volatile acidity:   0.75 g/l
TArtaric acid:   4,0 g/l
Total sulphur dioxide:   57 mg/l
Reducing sugars:   1,3 g/l
Type of bottle:   “Bourguignon”
Soil:   Red clay and limestone
Anderson Barbier Meyer COMTU   2020

Why Com tú? It is a mixture between the Barbier philosophy and mine. It is a homage to all people, it does not matter the colour of their skin, their gender, whatever face or body they have, whether they have a disability or not, whether they are rich or they live hand to mouth, whether they have studies or not. The name of the wine has to remind you that we all are the same within. We all share basic needs, those make us human, those make us equal. In summary, I am like you (Com tú), you are like me.

On the other hand, the label is the result of a collaboration between my mother Isabelle, a great artist, and myself. If you look at it closely enough you will see two eyes, and within them a man and a woman, of a different race, holding hands through the glasses. They need each other so the glasses don’t fall off. This is the way I see that there is no future for men without women, no future with ethnic groups confronted; strength comes in numbers. The nose is my signature.

There is no edge on the picture, this gives people freedom to decide whether it is a man or a woman. The name of the wine is written over the mouth with different type of letters. The “C” refers to my curly hair. The “O” refers to the mouth, like the shape of an open door, (by the way, this is the same symbol the Japanese use;) open up and communicate among ourselves in order to avoid confrontation, in a world where war has already caused enough harm. The “M” for music, that soothes the animals and brings about peace (at least it does to me). The “T” are two pencils put together in perpendicular, as I like writing. And last but not least, the “U” is a bush, being a lover of nature as I am, it had to be there.

Anderson Barbier Meyer
René Barbier Meyer COMTU   2020

2020 is a year of contrasts. A year with a very abundant rainfall at the beginning of the cycle, a gift for our land. It was also a year of learning with the appearance of less common diseases in our lands. We lost some blossom, but we worked hard until well into June. At the end of that month, there was a radical change in the weather, a dry and hot summer, but unlike other years, the plants did not suffer any stress and we were able to arrive at harvest time with grapes that easily reached good maturity. With all this we have achieved a pleasant, balanced wine. I hope you enjoy it.

René Barbier Meyer
Christian Barbier Meyer COMTU   2020

The reason this Project is so motivating for me is the change of soil. We have been working with licorella soil (slate) for more than twenty years, and now we have the chance to work with white clay, and this is very rewarding. One of the advantages of this type of soil is that it produces very fresh wines.

Christian Barbier Meyer
René Barbier COMTU   2020

In the early part of this century, my son RenŽ and I first started experimenting with winemaking in the village of La Figuera, the highest area of the D.O. Montsant, around 600 m. above sea level. From the very beginning we realized its extraordinary potential.
That year I discovered the centennial vineyard that belonged to Mr. Joan Anguera, today Espectacle wine vineyard, which in its first vintage, 2004, it obtained very good reviews.
My son RenŽ and I kept thinking of a way to promote that area so good for Grenache, but from a collaborative point of view. Our relationship with the cooperative and its five members had always been very good, and we found the way to work together in this project; the winemakers committed to selling us a good selection of Grenache grapes. Those were the beginnings of our wine Com Tu.
As for the name Com Tu, I must refer to my youngest son Anderson Barbier Meyer, an artist from top to bottom, who together with my wife, who is also his mother- a designer, painter, ex-ballerina- they came up with this label that describes a philosophy that only he can explain.
In 2014 we produced the first wine, with my son RenŽ, only a few bottles that were not for sale, we kept them to age. The first vintage that can be found in the market is 2015, some 3,000 bottles. And for this vintage 2017, we produced some 8,000 bottles.
Feeling confident enough about the project, in 2017 we started to buy some vineyards in La Figuera, as well as more land to plant in the future.
Based on our nearly 20 yearsÕ experience in working to improve our tasks, my family and I can assure you that the Grenache grapes from La Figuera produce wines with a unique color range, tender and fluid; with a fresh aroma, of flowers, orange peel, incense, as well as wide range of white fruit, citrus, very fresh. Its high alcohol content together with its extraordinary acidity, helps the wine to age perfectly.
On the palate it is soft, with harmony but the taste development goes in crescendo, and it leaves us with an exceptional aftertaste. This wine amazes us and fills us with vitality. It is only natural that my son sees the music and the poetry through it.

René Barbier